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Georgia Dusckas, Ed.D.
Supervisor, Adult and Continuing Education
Elizabeth Cumoletti
Secretary, Adult and Continuing Education

Dear Community Member:

As we move into the 21st century, our lifestyles are undergoing numerous changes.  The North Country environment is feeling the effects of globalization, technology, family structure changes, and changes to our leisure time.

Our staff is sensitive to these transformations and eager to lead and empower your future.  It is our vision at the BOCES to open the doors of opportunity to the community and its members.

The Office of Adult and Continuing Education offers a variety of programs.  Courses are based on community needs and desires and can change each semester. Currently, courses are offered in these areas:

  •  Business & Industry Education

workforce instruction for entry-level employment, retraining, apprenticeship training, and customized services

  •  Literacy Education

literacy instruction for English Language Learners (formerly ESOL) through General Educational Development (GED) candidates

  •  Avocational Education

avocational instruction for enjoyment in creative arts, computer studies and do-it-yourself

  •  Online Education

online instructor-facilitated instruction for training or enjoyment from a selection of over 300 courses

As we journey through this new century, we  pledge our support to enrich your life through education.

                                                    Georgia Dusckas, Ed.D.
                                                    Supervisor, Adult and Continuing Education


           Wisdom Through Diligence                                                           Knowledge With Honor