Vet works on dog while student observes  

Many Career and Technical Education students at Jefferson-Lewis BOCES choose a program based on their initial interest and the hope of gaining on the job experience in that field. A recent school day in the Veterinary Practices classroom in Watertown gave students that opportunity while simultaneously helping a local not-for profit. 

Spay-Neuter-Now is a nonprofit organization based in St. Lawrence County that specializes in providing low cost spaying and neutering of dogs and cats in an effort to bring down the pet population. The group has existed for over twenty years and has been working with the Vet Practices program at both the Charles H. Bohlen, Jr. and Howard G. Sackett Technical Centers for past few years. Both technical centers will hold clinics several times during the course of the school year, at which time, students in the program will assist the local veterinarian working the clinic. 

“It’s a great learning opportunity for the students,” says Kevin Mace, General Manager for Spay-Neuter-Now. “It’s also good for us as we get some extra hands in the important work we do.”

Mace is no stranger to the benefits of a Career and Technical Education program through BOCES. He was involved in the Veterinary Practices program at St. Lawrence-Lewis BOCES. 

The relationship between BOCES and Spay-Neuter-Now has provided a valuable learning experience for our students. For more information on our Veterinary Practices program, click here.

student assists dog after surgery cats waiting in pet carriers