2.1.4 Uses ABC arrangement of fiction books to locate materials.


2.1.7 Selects and uses appropriate sources with guidance, including dictionaries, periodicals, maps, and globes to answer questions.


2.1.8 Writes, draws, or verbalizes the main idea and supporting details.


2.1.9 Uses simple note-taking strategies as demonstrated by librarian/teacher (e.g., copying words or phrases).

2.1.13 Identifies the names of sources used.


2.2.1 Compares characters in two different stories or plots in two stories by the same author.


2.2.3 Begins to recognize that different genres require different reading strategies.

2.3.2 Compares folktales or stories from different cultures.

2.3.3 Returns materials when they are due so that others have access.

2.3.8 Understands acceptable and unacceptable computer usage according to the Acceptable Use Policy related to use of technology.