20104 State Route 3, Watertown NY 13601

(315) 779-7000

District Superintendent

Stephen J. Todd, 779-7012, stodd@boces.com

Assistant Superintendent for Programs

Dawn Ludovici, 779-7017, dludovic@boces.com

Assistant Superintendent for Business

Michele A Traynor, 779-7022, mtraynor@boces.com

Career & Technical Education

Tracy Gyoerkoe, Director - 779-7205, tgyoerkoe@boces.com

Russell K. Berger, Principal, BTC - 779-7204, rberger@boces.com

Paul W. Mooney, Principal, HGSTC - 377-7304, pmooney@boces.com

Programs for Exceptional Students
Michael Lively, Director - 779-7112, mlively@boces.com

Linda Torres, Assistant Director - 779-7234, ltorres@boces.com

James Bier, Supervisor - 779-7138, jbier@boces.com

Linda Carroll, Supervisor - 629-1177, lcarroll@boces.com
Kathleen Lind, Assistant Supervisor - 779-7200, klind@boces.com
Jeannette Rushford, Assistant Supervisor - 377-7364, jrushford@boces.com
Employer/Employee Relations

Dominic D'Imperio, Director - 779-7047, dimperio@boces.com

Timothy Collins, Labor Relations Specialist - 779-7046, tcollins@boces.com

Professional and Program Development

Marcy Grenier, Director - 779-7043, mgrenier@boces.com
Todd Green, Supervisor - 779-7042, tgreen@boces.com
Stacey Eger, Supervisor - 779-7070, seger@boces.com


The University of The State of New York has a two-fold mission shared by all its member institutions: (1) to provide to every resident of the State, regardless of ages, sex, economic or social status, race, religion, ethnic group or handicapping condition, the broadest range of quality educational programs and services; (2) to help the people and government of the State use the resources of the education system to advance the cultural, scientific and economic development of the State.

The mission of the BOCES is to provide and support educational programs on a regional basis in an economical, effective and efficient manner that meet the immediate and long-term needs of students of all ages as requested by component school districts, community agencies, industries, businesses and The State Education Department. (1984)

The BOCES is committed to providing diverse, equitable and high quality learning opportunities that facilitate lifelong success. Students will demonstrate diligence in functioning and communication skills necessary for personal living success. A caring, competent staff will deliver a clear, comprehensive curriculum in a safe and positive environment. (1990)


This BOCES will be a leader in creating, implementing and maintaining cooperative educational programs that meet the expanding and ever-changing needs of the communities it serves. (1995)