Career Representation

Mike Lively

Education, All areas of Special Education, Speech, OT, PT, Social Work (EDUCATION)

Pam Thomas

Education, All areas of Career and Tech Ed. offered at the Jefferson­Lewis BOCES (EDUCATION)

Paula Cooper

Education, Speech Pathologist (HUMAN SERVICES)

Tim Collins

Bus/Finance Law, Labor Rel. Specialist (BUSINESS)

Justin Hall

Environmental and Animal Science. Small Animal Care Instructor (ENVIR. & ANIMAL SCIENCE)

Erin King

Education-Social Worker (HUMAN SERVICES)



Kathy Piche

Education ­ Cosmetology Teacher (COSMETOLOGY)

Barbara Edgar

Education­ Occupational Therapist (HUMAN SERVICES)

Chuck Costantino

Graphic Arts & Advertising (GRAPHIC ARTS)

Ken Kellogg

Mechanics and Repair/Auto Body Inst. (MECHANICS & REPAIR)

Tim Hodge

Small Engine & Appliance Repair Motorcycle, Marine and Power Sports (SMALL ENGINE REPAIR)

Dominic D’Imperio

Business, Financce/Law

Employer/Employee Relations, Attorney (BUSINESS)


Kris Biazzo

Transportation ­ Military Helicopter Pilot

Diane Berger

Transportation Supervisor/Mechanic

Tracy Granger

Education, Special Education Teacher (EDUCATION)

Randy Fulkerson

Mechanics/Repair, Auto Tech. Teacher

Bill Landers

Food Industry, Culinary Arts Instructor

Casie Kolenda

Cosmetology, Teacher Assistant

Blake Place

Environ/Animal Science/Animal Care Inst.

Last Modified on October 26, 2016